ProX Direct XT-S4X656TOTEM | 6.56' Totem Package Includes a 12in Top Plate, 30in Base Plate and Four 2m F31 Tubes W-White Scrim

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The ProX XT-S4X656 TOTEM  Truss Totem Package assembles some of the most popular products that are used for DJ Totems. At the core is four of the ProX  Single Tube Truss sections which are made with 2mm EN-AWT6 6082 Aluminum for safety and strength, an  30 In. x 30 In. 8mm Aluminum Base Plate, and an  12" X 12" F34 8mm Aluminum Top Plate W/Slots and Mounting Holes.   You can use the totem exposed as "all-aluminum" or dress it up for a smooth, finished appearance with the included  White Lycra-Spandex Cover.  

Add Optional (Not Included) LED Lights like the  or the  to really make your totem setup pop with color.

WARNING! These scrim products are for temporary use ONLY and NOT for permanent installation. Keep away from open flames, sparks, direct heat or any type of electrical fixtures and outlets. ProX Live Performance Gear is not responsible for any bodily injury or property damaged caused by misuse of this product. Scrims can be machine washed and air-dried only. Do not use harsh chemicals or chlorine bleach. Factory fire retardant loses effectiveness with washing and over time. Re-treat as needed.


  • Tolerance Free Standard Conical connector
  • Multi-Hole 12" Top Plate for Easy Mounting of Lighting/Accessories
  • Constructed to the highest quality by certified welders
  • Four F31 2mm Single Truss Tubes
  • Base Plate and Top Plate are 8mm Aluminum
  • Includes Carry Bag for White Lycra Spandex Truss Cover

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