Gator Cases GRW2009508 | Rackworks 9U Hinged Wall Mounted Rack with Steel Door

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The Rackworks 9U Hinged Wall Mounted Rack with Steel Door from Gator Cases features a deep sectional wall rack with a hinged back, double section, welded frame construction. The rack consists of removable side panels with spring latches and a steel top and bottom. The front and rear rack rails are tapped and drilled and feature cable entry knockouts for accommodating various cable thicknesses. A 5/8" knockout design is featured for a VHF/UHF antenna and a 10 x 10" rear access knockout can be used for cable entry. The rack can be used with industry standard 10/32 rack screws.

  • Hinged-back, double-section welded frame construction
  • 18 gauge removable side panels with spring latch
  • 18 gauge SPCC cold rolled steel top and bottom
  • Perforated top to accommodate fan
  • 11 gauge drilled and tapped front and rear rack rails
  • Rack U number printed on the rack rails
  • ½", ⅝", ¾", 1" and 1⅕" cable entry knockouts on top and bottom panels
  • Knockouts for antenna and cables

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