AKG 3383H00310 | BD1 Performer Set Reference Digital Wireless Microphone System

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DIGITAL PERFORMANCE FREEDOM for theater, conference, live-production and tour-sound applications, set packages only available in the US

The DMS800 Performer Set is a reference digital wireless system available for Band1. The set includes the DSR800 reference two-channel digital wireless receiver, a pair of DPT800 bodypack transmitters, and two C111 LP ear hook microphones.

The DSR800 receiver provides an ultra-wide bandwidth of up to 150MHz for reliable and versatile operation, while the DPT800 body pack transmitters offer selectable radio output power of 10 50mW and the convenience of remote programming via infrared data transmission from the DSR800. The set two C111 LP lightweight ear hook microphones combine a comfortable and secure fit with robustness and reliability. Completing the package is the MKG L instrument cable for use with the DPT800 transmitter.

The DMS800 Performer Set is only available in the US.

The DMS800 Performer Set includes:

  • 1 x DSR800 receiver
  • 2 x DPT800 body-pack transmitter
  • 2 x MKG L instrument cable
  • 2 x C111 LP ear hook microphones
  • 4 x AA size batteries

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