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AKGSKU: 3009H00130

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AB4000 EW is a high-performance antenna booster to compensate signal loss on long antenna cables. One AB4000 EW can compensate 3.5 to 17.5 dB of cable attenuation. Up to two boosters can be cascaded in case of extremely long cable runs.

The AB4000 EW comes in a rugged, waterproof metal housing and features an in-line power LED display and cable length adjustment switches. It works with all active and passive AKG antennas, RA4000 B/EW, RA4000 EW, SRA2 B/EW and SRA2 EW, and operates in a frequency range from 470MHz to 952MHz.

General Specifications
Switching bandwidth (from/to)470 to 952 MHz
Operating temperature range -10 to 50 Celsius
Length 110 mm
Height 50 mm
Width 50 mm
Net Weight 150 g
Antenna Input
Type BNC
NoteRF input (50 Ohms)
Recommended load impedance 50 Ohms
Antenna Output
Amount 1
Type BNC
Gender Female
NoteRF output (50 Ohms)
Recommended load impedance 50 Ohms
Finish black
Body metal

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