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dbx ZC-BOB Wall-Mounted Zone Controller – Break-out Box


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dbx ZC-BOB Wall-Mounted Break out BoxThe Zone Controllers offer extended utility to the DriveRack and ZonePRO families. The nine Zone Controllers use analog DC voltage to provide logic control ranging from zone source selection, volume, and muting, to program or scene selection and fire safety muting. Wired with readily available and affordable CAT5 cable with universally accepted RJ -45 connectors at distances up to 1000 ft, the ZC Zone Controllers offer simple yet elegant solutions to the contractor.The ZC-BOB allows home run  or parallel wiring to the DriveRack and ZonePRO devices. 

The remote device shall provide up to 6 RJ-45 input jacks for Home Run or parallel wiring configurations of the dbx ZC wall panel controllers, and one output RJ-45 jack for connection to the dbx  DriveRack  or ZonePRO? device. The device shall be a dbx ZC-BOB remote controller.

Specifications:Connectors: (2) RJ-45Series Wiring: Maximum Cable Length varies with a number of Zone Controllers. For Example, Three Zone Controllers: 600 ft. Six Zone Controllers: 300 ft.Parallel Wiring using ZC-BOB: Up to Six Zone Controllers: 1000 ft.Parallel Wiring Cable: CAT5 or CAT5E with 28.6 Ohm/M (Ohm/1000ft.) nominal DCR and rated VW-1 or higher.Safety Agency Certifications: UL 60065, IEC 60065, EN 55013, E60065

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