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BSS BLU-HIF Telephone Headset Interface RJ-22 Jack for Connection to Headset Jack of VoIP/Digital Phone


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The BSS Audio BLU-HIF Telephone Headset Interface facilitates the connection of the headset jack of a VoIP/digital phone to an AEC input and analog output of a Soundweb London device. The BLU-HIF, therefore, allows the VoIP/digital phone to be used as the dialing interface and hybrid for a conference system. This simple interface eliminates the programming requirements associated with third-party control systems while providing a familiar and low-cost dialing interface to the end user. The BLU-HIF features an RJ-22 jack for connection to the headset jack of a VoIP/digital phone, a balanced input (Tx) for sending near-side audio, and a balanced output (Rx) for receiving far-side audio. While the BLU-HIF provides substantial isolation of the Rx and Tx signals, near-side audio will still be heard on the Rx channel due to the presence of side-tone. As such, BSS Audio recommends always feeding the Rx channel to an AEC input, as opposed to a standard analog input. The AEC algorithm will remove the side tone. The Tx channel connects to standard analog output. The wiring configuration within the headset jack of a VoIP/digital phone often differs, depending on the manufacturer. The BLU-HIF comes with two cables whose 4P4C RJ-22 connectors are compatible with the two most common wiring configurations found in the headset jack of VoIP/digital phones. The additional 2.5mm jack facilitates the connection of two-way communication devices such as cellular phones to the Soundweb London device. This gives the end user the advantage of having an alternate communication path to the outside world, which is particularly useful as a backup to the main phone system.

RJ-22 Jack for Connection to Headset Jack of VoIP/Digital Phone1 Balanced Analog Input, 1 Balanced Analog Output for Connection to Soundweb London Device2.5mm Jack for Alternate Connection to Cellular Phone with TRS Headset JackTwo Cables with Different Wiring Configurations for Quick Compatibility with Most VoIP/Digital Phones (included) Rugged Metal ChassisSurface/Under-Table MountableNote:- Usually ships within 48 hours- Ships directly from the manufacturer

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