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AKG HSD271 Professional Headsets with Dynamic Microphone Over-Ear Closed Design


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AKG HSD271 Professional Headsets with Dynamic MicrophoneDYNAMIC DIALOGUEfor intercom, ENG/EFP, recordings and video productionThe HSD271 professional over-ear, closed headset is a standard for intercom, ENG/EFP work and video production. It is based on the successful K271 MKII Studio headphones combined with a rugged dynamic microphone. The flexible microphone arm mutes the microphone automatically as it is moved up. The microphone can be mounted to the left or right side, depending on personal preference and available space.The HSD271 features a switch in the headband that mutes the audio just as soon as the headphones are taken off. The plug-in cable with a six-pin mini XLR connector allows quick replacement of the cable.Features:Over-ear, closed design – for high comfort and high noise attenuationealed design – for recordings without unwanted spillDynamic microphone on flexible boom – for maximum robustnessAuto-mute for headphone and microphone – prevents feedback and protects headphones when not in useSelf-adjusting headband – allows extended wear without discomfort

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