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AKG CK80 Modular Hypercardioid Shotgun Capsule for GN Series, HM 1000 and LM 3 Microphone Housings


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AKG CK80 High-Performance Shotgun Condenser Microphone CapsulePROVEN RELIABILITYfor use in houses of worship, conference rooms and theatresThe CK80 high-performance shotgun microphone capsule provides an 80 pickup angle and offers a speech-optimized frequency response. It offers an unbeatable price/performance ratio and good speech intelligibility in acoustically critical applications.The CK80 capsule fits any mounting module of the DAM Series. To prevent contact problems, the capsule is equipped with large-area, self-cleaning, gold-plated contacts with deep threads to prevent misalignment and ensure extra-long life. The CK80 comes complete with a professional windscreen that reduces wind and pop noise.Features:– Tight, hypercardioid polar pattern – eliminates noise from the sides- Speech-optimized frequency response – for excellent intelligibility in acoustically critical environments- Highly reliable contacts for capsule modules – prevent contact problems and ensure extra-long lifeTECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONGeneral: Audio frequency bandwidth 60 to 15000 HzEquivalent noise level 17 dB-ASensitivity 30 mV/PaSignal to Noise 77 dB-AElectrical impedance 600 OhmsRecommended load impedance 2000 OhmsPolar Patterns: Hypercardioid Powering Interface: Voltage to 52 VCurrent mAAudio Output: Type Modular Series StandardDesign: Finish matte dark grayDimensions / Weight: Height 146 mmDiameter 13.5 mmNet Weight 15 g

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