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AKG APS4/None Antenna and Power Splitter Feed Up to Four Wireless Receivers


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The AKG APS4 is a wideband UHF active antenna and power splitter. It is designed to feed up to four wireless receivers with the RF signal. It can also supply power to all connected receivers via BNC cables.

The APS4 offers wideband UHF operation between 470 and 952 MHz. Thanks to the unit’s adjustable RF-level attenuation settings, you can be sure you’ll maintain your maximum operating distance, even if you’re employing different types or lengths of cable throughout your system.

On the rear of the device you’ll find two antenna inputs that supply 10 VDC for powering up to three active wireless-system elements per path. So, one RF path can power an active antenna and two antenna boosters. You’ll also find two sets of four BNC antenna output connections for feeding up to four diversity receivers as well as two antenna outputs for cascading up to three APS4s in total.

The unit takes up on a half-rack worth of space and ships with all the gear you need to install it into a rack. Also included are front-mount antenna cables and ten BNC cables to get you started. The power supply is not included, but it is available separately.

Key Features at a Glance
Operates from 470 to 952 MHz
Cable length adjustment switch for optimizing antenna signal levels
Link output to cascade up to three APS4 for larger systems
Remote power for antennas and receivers to eliminate any extra installation effort
Rackmount kit and cables included

In the Box
AKG APS4 UHF Antenna and Power Splitter
10 x MK PS Antenna Cables
RMU4000 Rackmount Kit
2 x Front-Mount Cables
Limited 2-Year Warranty

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