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AKG 3412H00090 | Band U2 Professional Wireless Bodypack Transmitter


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EVEN MORE DIGITAL for theater, conference, live-production and tour-sound applications The DPT800 reference digital wireless body-pack transmitter, for use with the DSR800 wireless receiver, provides an ultra-wide bandwidth of 150 MHz and a selectable radio output power of 10- 50mW (depending on frequency band). For convenience and versatility, the transmitter can be programmed remotely via infrared data transmission from the DSR800 receiver, and signal security is ensured through the use of 512-bit encryption technology.

The DPT800 features an optional external mute/power switch that allows muting and on/off operation even when the transmitter is hard to access. The three-pin mini XLR audio input is compatible with any AKG lavalier and head-worn microphone and provides a bias voltage of 5V.

Switchable radio output power for best signal quality in multichannel applications. Professional three-pin mini XLR connector is compatible with headset, lavalier and instrument microphones.

Two-hour quick-charging standard rechargeable NiMH batteries via integrated charging contacts. Quick and easy setup via infrared data communication from the receiver. Remote microphone mute through external mute switch connector.

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PT420 Band U2


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