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AKG 3301X00210 | C5 Band1 50mW Professional Wireless Handheld Transmitter


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AKG HT470 C5 Band1 50mW Professional Wireless Handheld Transmitter FLEXIBLE AND EXPANDABLE for conference, medium theater and houses of worship applications The rugged HT470 is an analog professional wireless handheld transmitter with pilot tone transmission to prevent unexpected startup noise. It continuously sends transmitter data, including low-battery information, to the receiver. An infrared data link in conjunction with the automatic frequency setup makes the HT470 extremely simple to use. The unique dipole-antenna design ensures reliable transmission even when one pole of the antenna is covered completely by the user’s hand. An enhanced battery identification automatically detects the used battery type and allows up to 14 hours of operation on one AA-size battery. The display shows the remaining operating time in hours.Available in two versions: D5 and C5Pilot Tone transmissionfor transmitter battery status monitoring and tone code squelchLeading edge dipole-antenna designoptimum performance even when the antenna is coveredInfrared synchronizationfor instant transmitter setupUp to 50mW transmission powermaximum radio signal strength for long-distance applicationsIntegrated charging contactsquick charging of a standard NiMH battery inside the transmitterNOTE: Item is original and sealed. Shipped directly from Manufacturer. With Full Manufacturer Warranty. Send us a message for shipping negotiation outside USA.

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HT470 C5 BD1 50mW


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